Fruitpark Ochten, enjoy the children in the Betuwe!

It is Wednesday afternoon and the weather is nice. The ideal moment for an outing with friends and the children. This afternoon a visit to Fruitpark Ochten is planned. This Fruit Park is located in the middle of the Betuwe and between the fruit trees there is plenty to do for children. We are curious!

We are not out of the car yet or the children have already found the playground. The cable car quickly becomes a favorite, but the rest of the playground is also appreciated. There is also a large chessboard and plenty of room to play soccer.

We can sit on the terrace of Fruitpark Hotel & Spa wherever we go for lunch. The playground is a short distance from the terrace and there is water nearby so with small children you have to pay attention. You have a view of the playground so our children between 4 and 7 years old can enjoy playing after having ordered lunch. The lunch is delicious. The children can choose between sandwiches with jam, chocolate spread and sausage and of course fries. All variants are ordered and all plates are empty afterwards so I think it tasted good.

After lunch it is time to further explore the Fruit Park. We first visit the animals. There is everything to see! Among other things, there are goats, sheep, donkeys, pigs and horses. The animals have wonderful stays and want to be petted. What is also nice, a little further on is a stork in the nest with young!

Between the fruit trees and through exciting bridges we walk to a lookout tower. That must of course be climbed. From this tower you have a beautiful view of the Fruit Park and the surrounding area. We didn’t do it this time but you can also play mini golf at the park. The courses are spread over the entire site. Great for a children’s party!

At the back of the park is a barefoot path. The children have all been looking forward to this! So quickly take the shoes off and go! The children go over the (sometimes quite sharp) stones, the tree trunks, the large boulders, the sand and the wood chips. Grass grows on both sides of the path, so if it is just not possible to walk on the path, you can always walk through the grass. Especially the mums make use of it, the children seem to have almost no problems ;-). Most children do three laps on this beautiful path!

After the barefoot path it is almost time to go home. But first the horses still have to be stroked and they still play in the playground. We had a nice afternoon and will definitely come back!