Fruitpark Beauty Centre

Welcome to Fruitpark Beauty Centre, the place to relax during your stay!

We offer various treatments such as massages, facials and wraps.
Enjoy the peace and luxury that the Betuwe has to offer.

Our name Blossom comes from the place where we are located, namely at the Fruit Park
Hotel & Spa**** Superior. The Fruitpark Hotel & Spa is located at the National Fruit Park
where there are hundreds of fruit trees. In blossom time it is therefore a blossom paradise where
you can enjoy the tranquility and the beauty of nature.


We work with LOOKX & Janssen cosmetics products. They work with biotechnological
active ingredients. Biotechnological ingredients are natural ingredients processed in a laboratory
ingredients. Due to this processing process, the effectiveness of these ingredients can be up to
magnified fifty times.
These products are:
• Not tested on animals
• Skin friendly
• Natural and caring
• Innovative
• Free from mineral oils



Treatments for pure relaxation

Get into the relax mode and experience the sensation of pure relaxation.

Relaxation massages

Full body body massage 50 minutes € 59.50
Back / Neck / Shoulder massage 25 minutes  € 32,50


Face and head massage

Deeply relaxing massage of the head, face, neck and shoulders.

20 minutes €32.50


D-stress Combi treatment

Relaxation and care in one.

A unique combination of a relaxation massage and a well-being facial treatment.

50 minutes € 67.50


Pregnancy Massage

A wonderfully relaxing massage where stress and tension can be released. It is a relief for back, pelvic, leg and shoulder complaints. Most of the massage takes place in the side position. We use a pillow to support your leg and so that your stomach is free and you can fully enjoy the massage. If it is comfortable enough you can lie on your back so that the neck and shoulders get extra attention

From 16 weeks
Gentle, soothing massage
Relieves Pregnancy Symptoms

60 minutes € 72.50


Wellness Facials

Get acquainted with a wonderfully relaxing well-being facial treatment for man or woman. All actions are performed massaging. Highly recommended!

Basic 25 min. €37.50

(Cleansing, peeling, mask and day/night cream)

Relax 50 min. €67.50

(Cleansing, peeling, massage, mask and day/night cream)