I know what you might be thinking…………”Going away for Christmas is too much work. It’s more relaxing to stay home and save the cash.”

Well, anonymous reader, while it’s true you’ll need to book early to get a good deal, a Xmas holiday is well worth the effort.

Here’s 3 reasons why they’re brilliant!

1. No Xmas Day run-around

While having lots of special people to share Christmas with is cause for serious warm fuzzies, it can also lead to the dreaded 3 Christmases In One Day: Xmas lunch with your immediate family, lunch with your partner’s and then something else with your own family…. It’s a run-around of eating, driving, eating, driving when all you want is to have a beer or wine and watch the ultimate Christmas movie. But there’s no rushing around when you go away.


2. Time with the people you love most


Less time spent running around means more time relaxing with the people that matter most.

Getting away for Xmas means you can kick back with a glass of wine.


3. Treat yourself

It’s not all about presents and family. Even if you’re a Super Scrooge, you have to make the most of that extra looooooong four-day weekend.

Why not pamper yourself with a luxurious 4-star-break?