Valentine’s Day

Are you also looking forward to Valentine’s Day? And how romantic it is to give a gift or something small to your loved one, your mother / father, boyfriend / girlfriend? Look below for more information about Valentine’s Day and our offers.

Valentine’s Day is seen as the day of Love. On this day we do not only celebrate the fact that love exists, but there is also the possibility to reveal your hidden crush by sending a card or a bunch of flowers with your name or anonymously. In addition, there are always many people who want to get married on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is always on February 14 and this year on a Friday. Ideal to celebrate love in a long weekend. For example in our hotel! Our Valentine’s offer for only 65 euros per person!

You’ll have an overnight stay in the standard luxury room with a luxury breakfast buffet in the morning. Upon arrival at our hotel there is a bottle of prosecco, bathrobes, towels and slippers in the room ready for use. You can also enjoy our Wellness to really unwind. In addition, we also offer free use of the National Fruit Park.

Would you like something more luxurious? Then of course there are certain upgrades. For more information have a look on our website under the heading “Valentine’s Day”. You are welcome in our hotel from 3 p.m.

Read here what the symbols of Valentine’s Day mean:

A heart 

The heart indicates the feeling of people. You come across the heart in many proverbs.

A rose

A red rose is the color of love.


Centuries ago, women used lace handkerchiefs. If a woman dropped it, the nearest man hurried to pick it up and give it back. They did this to get in touch with a certain man.


Cupid is the god of love who shot arrows at your heart. If your heart was touched, you fell in love instantly.

A pigeon

Two people who love each other, two lovebirds. The goddess Venus (the goddess of love) is often depicted with a pigeon.


* Please note: the offer is only valid from Friday to Saturday.