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‘at home in the betuwe’

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The identity of (the area) The Betuwe

10 Years ago, (we) Marieka and Floor Peters established the foundation called The National Fruitpark, Ochten in The Netherlands with the intention to promote and conserve the original fruit races and tree shapes, which was a great success and still is up to this day.

Thousands of people come to have a look, taste, learn, play, amuse themselves/relax and even sleep in this beautiful park surrounded by hundreds of old and modern races of fruit.

Proud of the region

We are very proud of the region and really want to show it to every one openly. As we are writing this article, our Fruitpark Hotel & Spa has already been launched/been running for over a couple of weeks and we notice that our national and international guests are very interested in getting to know the culture of inhabitants and the surrounding companies.

(Our) Guests/They travel by car, bike or on foot through the region and come back with the most amazing experiences and astonishing photos which definitely makes us feel even more proud.

Eco-friendly and sustainable agriculture

The National Fruitpark Ochten is completely free of energy and CO2. Since the beginning of the Fruitpark Hotel & Spa there has been a 1400m2 sunroof installed resulting in an overcapacity of energy.

The entire park is equipped and run by eco-friendly facilities to maintain a sustainable agriculture. Which results in a cultivated outcome of the most delicious fruit and other appetizing products where every guest can freely eat from.

At home in The Betuwe

Around 2012 Marieka and her best friend Marjo, her right hand as well, brainstormed about the idea to launch a luxurious and cosy B&B. This resulted in a fancy 4 star country hotel with the attractiveness of a homelike B&B.

Meanwhile are her husband Marius, their son Dominic and daughter in law Lisa active/working in the business together with a strong team of ca. 25 employees. Daughter Tiffany is studying for a degree as a landscape architect, she co-developed the outer terrain and arranges various horse activities at the park.

This is where the name: ´At home in The Betuwe´ is coming from and we are all born and raised here which hopefully our guests will experience.

Working together

Of course we cannot do all of this on our own and we are cooperating with various local businesses. This way not only our guests can experience the local products, also the many companies in our surroundings.

One of the most beautiful places in The Betuwe

Along with our team we welcome you and promise you a magnificent time at our National Fruitpark in Ochten, considered to be as one of the most beautiful places/spots in The Betuwe.

We look forward to seeing you on behalf of our entire Fruitpark team,

All relatives of the Peters family & Willemsen family


Luxury (bridal) suite with king-size bed, 2-person whirlpool, a shower and view of the Eldik field or park. The room has air conditioning, 2-person whirlpool, shower, a desk, minibar, coffee and tea facilities, safe, hairdryer and a sitting area. Free access to the fitness and wellness area with swimming pool, infrared cabin, steam room and sauna. Treatments in the salon can be booked in addition.


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In cooperation with Bloemenpark Appeltern, we may offer you a special rate with extra discount on entrance tickets. Below you will find more information…

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