Valentijnsdag 2020

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Are you also looking forward to Valentine’s Day? And how romantic it is to give a gift or something small to your loved one, your mother / father, boyfriend / girlfriend? Look below for more information about Valentine’s Day and our offers. Valentine’s Day is seen as the day of Love. On this […]

Fruitpark winter brug

A magical way to spend the festive season

At the heart of the Dutch Betuwe region lies a rural utopia which, during springtime, is known for its blossoming fruit trees, and in April of this year, became the home of Fruitpark Hotel & Spa. However, as the colder days draw in, and the fruit trees leading to the entrance of this four-star luxury hotel lose their produce, they will be brought back to life with fairy lights adorning their branches and guiding you inside, to take shelter from the cold.