Discover the Lower Betuwe!

Discover the Lower Betuwe!

Lower Betuwe has a beautiful river landscape with beautiful vistas, winding dikes and monuments, which is eminently suitable for cycling, walking and strolling. Each season is surprisingly different.

For more information on existing routes and the bicycle junction system, please visit the following websites, among others:

Hiking on the clog trails

Clogging trails are popular. They are trails in the agrarian cultural landscape that, as much as possible, follow historic trails and unpaved paths through farmland and estates. It tells both residents and hikers about the history of their surroundings. With these walking routes, Stichting Landschapsbeheer Gelderland and Landschap Erfgoed Utrecht, in collaboration with residents, visitors, volunteers and municipalities, hope to contribute to the livability of the landscape and cultural history and increase the accessibility of the countryside. More information can be found at

The Marches Trail

Take, for example, the 13-kilometer-long Marspad trail that takes you along riparian banks, old stream beds and dikes in the beautiful countryside of the municipalities of Neder-Betuwe and Buren. You can start at restaurant Het Gerecht, Dorpsplein 6 in Kesteren. Clogs on, backpack on and go!

Hiking in Rivierenland

On the website there is a walking choice network that brings together 1,000 kilometers of walking routes and connects them through handy references. To give an example: the footpath Dodewaard-Beuningen which reads: ‘Nowhere can you experience the water and the floodplains so closely. In the Hiensche Uiterwaarden you will find endless peace and space. The floodplains are relatively low and often flood. That’s why farmers rarely use this land. For plants and animals it is precisely a place where they can go about their business undisturbed’. A wonderful place, therefore, for the hiker to walk along it via a path.


Strolling is endless enjoyment of pristine flora and fauna. The rambling routes are signposted walks along the river Waal. With walking shoes on, lunch box in the backpack and binoculars at the ready, you traverse the floodplains. The nature lover enjoys the surroundings and tranquility; the hiker enjoys a sporting challenge.

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